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Residential Designs

Mountain-Estate site development
Golf Course Residence
Lake Residence
Property development
property development 2
grading plan
road grading in hillside photo
road grading in hillside photo 2

House Placement & Grading Plans

For New Construction

When building a new home there are many things to consider.  One of the most important decisions to make, but often under considered, is house placement or house siting.  Topography, soil types, passive solar design, neighboring property uses, views from the house, the visual approach to the property, and the impact of changing light throughout the day, are some of the topics among many that should be carefully considered no matter the size of your property.  Consulting with a Landscape Architect on the placement of your home can help you optimize the finished product of your build aesthetically and practically by saving you considerable expense in unnecessary site remediation such as grading, drainage, and retaining.

Raised Bed & Fire pit design
RV park design
RV lot photo
RV Lot 3
sculpture garden
planter box design
custom planter photo 1
custom planter box 2
custom planter box photo 2

Special Landscape Designs

Special landscape features can provide an interesting dimension to a property, whether practical, or interesting, or especially beautiful, Studio McCallum can help create this unique addition to your home. It may be a beautiful park-like design for your luxury RV lot, an elegant and sophisticated outdoor sculpture garden to enhance your collection, or historically themed raised herb beds and vegetable gardens with a water feature or fire pit. Additionally, custom designed window boxes, planters and other vessels can add a heightened sense of beauty to a home and the related outdoor spaces.  Studio McCallum can provide the creative and practical insight needed to make your project “pop”.

cottage planting design 1
hillside planting
Entry Planting Design
foundation planting design
Model home planting design
residential project
Native wetland planting
native planting design 2

Residential Planting Designs

A professionally designed landscape adds tremendously to a property's appeal and value.  Given that the expense of landscaping is not insignificant, it is important to have all facets of planting a yard or garden considered professionally, which will give you confidence that your investment will flourish. Some of the things to be considered in a planting design are sun exposure, cold hardiness, water availability, bloom times, bloom heights, textures, deer tolerance, maintenance requirements, and growth rates. A Landscape Architect factors these into the design, while interweaving your favorite colors and plant preferences.

For waterfront properties, there are often additional guidelines and specifications that a property must follow, e.g. using native plants along the shoreline, and other waterfront greenbelt stipulations. From environmental and ecological considerations regarding water quality to more practical considerations as to how to minimize pests such as geese in the landscape, Studio McCallum has a wealth of knowledge that informs planting designs that are both practical and beautiful.

large site design
large site design photo 1
steep slope residence
two homes site
pier landscape
water front house on bluff landscape design
stone veneer
fire pit patio
bluff design
residential master plan
step and retaining wall photo
raised fire pit photo winter season
site improvement
infinity edge pool 8
infinity pool 9
entertaining paradise

Residential Hardscape Designs

In addition to planting designs for residential properties, hardscape amenities can enhance the enjoyment of your home and reflect your lifestyle. These hardscape features include such amenities as patios, retaining walls, steps, terraces, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, fireplaces, swimming pools, and hot tubs. Material choices – wood, stone, brick, concrete, tile- aligned with their respective emotive qualities while meeting budgetary considerations, is something a Landscape Architect will incorporate into your design. Hardscape elements can make your home feel larger by creating intentional spaces outside for living and entertaining. These spaces represent the best of what life can offer: imagine children splashing in the pool, the chatter of friends at a cocktail party on your patio, the delicious smell of steaks sizzling in your outdoor kitchen, or the laughter of family roasting s’mores over your firepit. Studio McCallum can create designs to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.

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