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Featured Landscape Designs

A photographic selection of built landscapes from the design portfolio of Landscape Architect, Cassandra E. McCallum.  Some of the landscape designs share similar outdoor elements such as pools and outdoor kitchens, but each project has been custom designed for client taste and preferences, and property opportunities and constraints.

Front Walk
Metal Fire Pit
Outdoor Kitchen and Bar
Concrete Patio with raised Fire Pit
Raised Gas Fire Pit with Metal
Stone Retaining wall
Lounge patio
Detail Custom Steps
lakeside yard
Retaining walls & slope

California Dreaming

This landscape design was created for wine enthusiasts who wanted their new home to remind them of their time in California.  We focused on the retaining walls, outdoor kitchen, patio, steps & steppers, raised fire-pit, driveway layout, drip edge, and the layout of the planting beds. 

All of the concrete pavers were designed with different groupings of sizes, finish textures, & colors, and were hand made by a local mason, echoing the Arts & Crafts era of design.  The raised fire-pit is another unique piece of this landscape design.  Most fire-pits are veneered in stone, but this one is wrapped in treated metal that coordinates with the house trim and roofing details.   

Infinity Edge Lap swim pool
Tile Detail Lap Pool
Outdoor Kitchen
Infinitive edge pool water fall
Reflecting lap pool
water fall of infinity edge
Raised lap pool

Sky Pool

The homeowners of this lakefront property were eager to make modifications to their newly purchased property to better suit the needs of their family.  An ethereal lap pool measuring 8 feet wide and 75 feet long features an infinity edge over a stone face and a drop of 12 feet.  The pool tile and pebble finishes were selected to enhance the pool's reflective quality.

Adjacent to the pool, a well-appointed outdoor kitchen design balances the lounging and entertaining spaces on the pool deck.  The landscape design also included flagstone walkways to the waterfront, a beach fire-pit, as well as providing access to the primary and secondary (upper and lower) entries to the home. 

water front wetland planting
story time nook
Fire place
granite stone slab steps
wetland planting and lakeside design
water fall in stream
water fall in stream 2
wetland design
boulder retaining
Shoreline Beach
Shoreline Protection 2

Storybook Cottage

The grounds of this summer retreat were designed for a grandmother who loved entertaining family and friends, and who especially adored her grandchildren. 

On the inland side of the property, a freestanding adult-sized reading room nestled in a secret garden surrounded by whimsical plantings that add charming character. 

On the lakeward side of the home, the landscape features stone steps, a large boulder wood-burning fireplace, beach area, shoreline protection, native planting area, water feature, and flagstone patios and walkways. The storybook feel of this portion of the landscape design are at play in the scale and proportions of the construction details, integrating with the color, texture and heights of plants, the sounds of the babbling water feature, the warmth of the fire and the lines of the irregular flagstone.  

A wondrous place to make memories with grandma. 

Lake living
lake living water fall
lake living Marina
lake living side yard
lake living outdoor kitchen and fire place
lake-living hot tub
lake-living-lap pool

Lake Living

Located on a narrow peninsula, this home has water on both sides of the property.  As new construction, the site required an entire landscape design with site grading for retaining and drainage and number of requested amenities.

A water feature cascades over ledges of stacked stone into a deep lower basin.  A narrow set of steps and steppers were designed to allow a person to traverse through the water feature instead of always having to walk around it.  Across the road where the dock meets shore, a sunken cantilevered patio with a small fire vessel provides space for a small gathering and future bar. 

The main entertaining area features a lap pool with an integrated infinity edge hot tub and ashlar bluestone patio surround.  An outdoor kitchen and dining area is located at one end of the pool and is balanced by raised stone herb and vegetable beds on the other side.  A fireplace is built into the side yard retaining wall, saving valuable square footage for entertaining.

classic pool
classic-views 2
classic views island planting
pool seating area
classic views hot tub
classic-views retaining

Classic Views

The house and landscape of this property were completely overhauled when new owners took possession.  What had been a partially sloping lawn and a treacherous weedy path to the lake, is now a terraced back yard with a hot tub, pool, patio, stone steps, stone retaining wall, fire-pit, patio, and plantings. 

The front yard of this home was also refreshed with new hand stacked retaining walls, plantings, and custom planters for the front porch and windows, while preserving the original drive and walkways.

holiday retreat 3

Holiday Retreat

This landscape was designed for large holiday parties and family gatherings.  Two cabins are connected by a graciously sized patio with wrap around seat walls on the lakeside of the property.  A boulder fire-pit and patio are carved into the landscape along the shoreline, connecting the users to the unique geography of the place.  

On the drive side of the property, a vehicular stone bridge with cedar posts and rails spans a pond that feeds a meandering stream running between the cabins.  

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