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Landscape Design Portfolio


Featured Landscape Designs

A photographic selection of particularly outstanding built landscapes from the design portfolio of Landscape Architect Cassandra E. McCalllum.  Some of the landscape designs share similar outdoor elements such as pools and outdoor kitchens, but each project is custom designed for client and property constraints and opportunities, all encompassing a strong sense of the uniquness of place.

Residential Landscape Designs

The Residential Designs in this portion of the portfolio represent a selection of the designs of Landscape Architect Cassandra E. McCallum for private residential spaces. The work for and in these spaces reflect careful consideration of the unique needs and wants of those who inhabit them: they are deeply personal, and embody the individual's (or family's) values as they relate to beauty, function for family and friends, and sense of home.


Commercial Designs

These portfolio designs are commercial designs of Landscape Architect Cassandra E. McCallum across a range of commercial use sites. Commercial use encompasses a broad spectrum of uses, and a correspondingly diverse range of goals, requiring creative thinking and design. This broad spectrum includes retail products & services properties, resort hotel / hospitality complexes, and industrial sites.

Hand Drawings

An eclectic collection of hand drawn designs, sketches and color renderings. Like any other discipline, sketching is only improved with practice and patience.  Sketching is like a meditation for designers, where the eye, brain and hand must communicate to effectively translate the visual world to paper.  The scale and relationship between objects, fine details, textures and even mood of a landscape or object are fully appreciated when trying to capture their essence in a drawing.

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