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Commercial Landscape Designs

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Hotel planting design
outdoor fireplace design

Resort, Hotel & Hospitality

Resorts, hotels and events venues are most successful when maximizing revenue producing opportunities through careful site and facility design, while providing a unique aesthetic that compliments their brand and drives truly memorable experiences for visitors.  Functional and beautiful outdoor spaces add significantly to resorts, hotels and events venues' potential, and should be considered as carefully as building architecture and interior design.  Studio McCallum provides a high level of expertise and insight to achieve this end.


Perhaps your property requires a refresh of its exterior spaces to align with a new brand direction. Perhaps your business would benefit from a new al fresco event space to drive additional revenues, or your service areas need to be enlarged and screened due to rising demand. Perhaps the outdoor spaces of your venue have simply become jaded, overgrown and dated:  a review, rethink and refresh of outdoor spaces every eight years maintains optimum appeal and allows for adaptation to changes in the market demand in how these spaces are used.  Whatever the case, Studio McCallum can turn these ideas and concepts into reality, working closely to your goals, within your parameters and constraints.

Bistro Planting Design
Shopping-Center landscape design

Retail, Products & Services

Cafes & restaurants, retail developments, and stand alone businesses all have different needs for landscape design. Whether it be a plan to screen your property effectively,  define outdoor spaces such as parking or outdoor dining, or to simply frame a view, Studio McCallum provides design services to effectively meet your objectives and make your business stand out.

Single Family Development
Model home planting design
single family development
storage building development
Storage building development
storage building development

Site Development

Key to any successful development is maximizing potential returns on the investment. Careful and skilled site master planning is essential to this, including a strong design for grading and drainage. On some sites, this can be more of a challenge than on others to ensure maximum site usage. Balancing the cut and fill effectively will minimize the cost of the development, and enhance financial returns.

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