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Committed to fulfilling the unique needs of individual clients, Studio McCallum specializes in the bespoke craft of landscape design that harmonizes beautiful aesthetics, a deep sense of place,  and superb functionality.

Services Offered

Studio McCallum practices a studio approach to design, in which the input of multiple stakeholders and viewpoints are incorporated in an iterative creative process. From the initial brainstorming, to the final edits and refinements, this approach drives cohesive design results that meet project objectives.


For Property Owners

Exceeding Expectations

Studio McCallum offers a wide range of services to the property owner.  Whether the property is a single-family residence, a commercial complex, a resort hotel or a multi-family housing subdivision, these services range from planting designs, to hardscape plans ( e.g. swimming pools, retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces, etc.), to conceptualization of site enhancements, and more.

We are available to help realize an owner's objective, however simple or complex.

For Architects and Builders

Elevating Your Product

Collaborating with a Landscape Architect objectively delivers better results for clients.  Studio McCallum uses leading industry software, e.g. AutoCad, LandFX, Sketchup Pro and Lumion Pro to prepare design concepts, building placements, grading and drainage plans, construction details, planting designs, and material schedules.

We work on projects of all sizes and complexities, and are particularly adept at working with teams across varying disciplines. 

For Developers

Enhancing Returns

Studio McCallum provides innovative conceptual site planning to maximize property potential and drive value in development projects. Through alignment of understanding with developers, we can achieve results

 through creative tools such as illustrative drawings or life-like video renderings for the sales process.

The team at Studio McCallum works with developers to deliver the goal.

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